Antibiotic Medicine

Antibiotic Medicine kill bacteria or slow down its growth. They are strong drugs which are used to treat bacterial infections. Here, fantabulous pharma offering PCD pharma and pharma franchise for antibiotic drugs of tablets, capsules, injections and dry syrups all over India. These are strong antibiotic medicine which are most effective against bacterial infection not for viral infection.Therefore, are not effective in the case of patients suffering from colds or flu. Antibiotic drugs can be taken before or after meal as prescribed by doctor. Both are effective in the desired manner.However, taking antibiotics in excessive amount can also be dangerous for health and hinders the individual growth and the intake of these drugs should be avoided by children as far as possible. Penicillins are the widely consumed type of antibiotic medicine across the globe and thousands of lives are saved by this and still curing diseases. Antibiotic medicine are available in tablets,capsules and injections are used widely across the nation.

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